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Respawn detail Apex Legends Mirage, Wraith and Lifeline changes

Published: 10:09, 23 April 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends - Lifeline

Respawn are working on a set of changes for three Apex Legends characters including Mirage, Wraith and Lifeline. According to the Reddit post by one of the devs, Mirage buff is incoming while Wraith and Lifeline will get slight nerfs.

After introducing a couple of changes to Apex Legends' big boys Gibraltar and Caustic earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment are readying another set of changes for three more characters.

This time, it's the skinny gang that's getting reworked. According to a Reddit post by one of the Apex Legends devs, Mirage, Wraith and Lifeline will get some minor buffs and nerfs in one of the upcoming updates.

For Mirage, the devs don't have plans for major changes such as the introduction of new ultimate abilities. According to the post, this type of major change competes directly with Respawn's ability to create new characters. However, in the short term, the devs are definitely open to tuning value level changes.

These changes include things like Mirage's invisibility opaqueness, invisibility length, ability cooldowns, decoy health and more. "He could definitely use a little nudge upwards,” it's written in the post, suggesting that a buff is incoming.

Those who use Wraith and Lifeline as their mains, and there's a lot of you out there, won't be happy with Respawn's plans for these two. They are set to receive "gentle nerfs" as they are the two most popular characters in the game.

At the moment, it's unknown what exactly Respawn plan to nerf on these characters but the change is understandable given that Wraith and Lifeline are regular picks for many squads in Apex Legends matches. 

Respawn are yet to confirm the release date for this update but nothing is imminent at the moment, and it will probably take a couple of weeks before the patch arrives.

For more Apex Legends news, check out Respawn's plans for those who and read more about the latest tweaks, which also introduced a couple of to the game.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Mirage with his holograms in a bar Apex Legends - Mirage

You can check the Reddit post teasing the changes .

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