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Monster Hunter: World getting Horizon: Zero Dawn and Street Fighter armor sets, Aloy's bow

Published: 23:18, 15 February 2018
Monster Hunter: World

Capcom sure aren't keen on no baby steps with Monster Hunter: World as the developer already announced the second part of its Horizon: Zero Dawn event. We now know it starts at the end of February, will be called The Proving and will let you dress up as Aloy.

Of course, with the first part of the event having ended, Watcher costumes for your Palico are off the table, but no need to despair. With the requirements as they are, Aloy's bow and armour will surely be worth it.

Be advised that players must be Hunter Rank 11 or higher by the time the event starts. You may recall that the previous Horizon: Zero Dawn event required users to hit Hunter Rank 6 or higher.

We sometimes think that it would be more practical for Capcom to just have one big game with everyone in it, seeing as how they're probably crossing company plants with in-house titles by now. This time around, guests are crossing over from the Street Fighter franchise.

So Monster Hunter: World Ryu and Sakura armour sets although with a pretty clever catch. Namely, players who have a Street Fighter V save data file on their PlayStation 4 get Ryu before it becomes available to the rest of the mortals.

The company will also launch Street Fighter gestures and stamp sets, going for around £3.99 and £1.99, respectively. The former will add Shoryuken gesture whereas Shoryuken and Hadoken poses will be free to get. Now who else repeated Shoryuken in a high pitched voice?

Capcom Character Aloy from the game Horizon Zero Dawn holding a bow Monster Hunter World: Looking good, don't you think?

The event starts on 28 February 2018, and lasts until 05 May 2018, to be exact but you may wanna get to playing if you want to make the grade.

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