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Monter Hunter: World - Iceborne hits yet another major sales milestone

Published: 16:07, 13 March 2020
Monster Hunter: World Iceborne protagonists
Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

You probably know by now that the Monster Hunter franchise remains Capcom's top-selling franchise, even though its popularity in the West came relatively recently, with the release of Monster Hunter: World. Thankfully, its expansion is doing great business as well.

Capcom's decision to aim global with Monster Hunter: World's launch is clearly paying off big time. Western audiences may be more familiar with Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchise, but the numbers clearly tell another story.

The company now revealed that MH:W's first expansion, Iceborne, has sold 3 million copies, which is quite the feat for an addition that requires buying the base game. 

In their latest sales update dated 13 February 2020, Capcom pegged Monster Hunter: World at 15 million sold copies, more precisely - 14.9 million. These numbers included Iceborne sales, which were at 2.5 million in October 2019, so half a million sales since October. 

Monster Hunter: World's first expansion may not have done the heavy lifting of the base game, but it's helping Capcom establish themselves in this particular genre on consoles and PC alike, the latter specifically referring to the Steam version.  

Speaking of which, Monster Hunter: World's roadmap revealed that console and PC versions of the game will be syncing up come April 2020, which is great news for players. Needless to say, lagging behind consoles content-wise isn't exactly thrilling, especially since months pass until events and monsters cross over to the platform.

Capcom Slide showing Monster Hunter: World roadmap Monster Hunter: World roadmap

In terms of gameplay, the rest of March 2020 looks promising for Monster Hunter: World players, especially Iceborne owners, although the cancellation of the Taipei Game Show means that 2 Variant Monster reveal has been pushed back for later. 

Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: World

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