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Monster Hunter: World moves 7.5 million copies in less than two months

Published: 10:35, 14 March 2018
Updated: 10:46, 14 March 2018
Monster Hunter World character about to swing a sword into a lizards face
Monster Hunter: World

Capcom's best selling Monster Hunter: World still has a lot of copies in motion, over 7.5 million at press time. The entirety of the Monster Hunter franchise is now rapidly approaching the 50 million milestone and it's still year one.

The company have had some trouble with other in-house titles, with many of them not quite meeting sales expectations in the past few years.

Even critically acclaimed titles and firmly entrenched franchises like Resident Evil 7 and Street Fighter 5 have managed to fall somewhat short of Capcom's desires. Monster Hunter: World seems to be the towards reversing that trend.

Capcom Monster hunter world screenshot of a lucky fisherman Monster Hunter: World

In a recent announcement, the publisher has announced that Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 7.5 million copies in retail and digital. Note the phrasing there. Shipped and shifted copies don't automatically translate to sales, as they may still be sitting on a retail shelf or warehouse somewhere.

This also makes any attempted breakdown of that 7.5 million stat murky, at best, as it is impossible to say how many of those copies are already bought and paid for digitally, and how many are still floating around our physical plane of existence. Good for Capcom then that games aren't a perishable commodity.

SteamSpy and SteamCharts are semi-reliable and valuable tools for gauging a game's PC performance. It is likely but not yet confirmed that the game will be distributed through Steam, as Valve and Capcom have apparently enjoyed a fruitful relationship in the past. All of this will of course only become relevant if PC players find the port to be worth their time and money in the first place.

Capcom Monster hunter world screenshot of a man about to go for the swim of his life Monster Hunter: World

The recent milestone also hints at the possibility of the Monster Hunter franchise passing the 50 million total sales mark in 2018, with the current tally for Capcom's multi-platform series sitting at 48 million sold copies.

Monster Hunter: World is scheduled to arrive on PC in autumn this year and if the PC version does half as good, which it most likely will, the 50 million record should be a mere formality.

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