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Metro Exodus' new trailer reveals weapons and their modifications

Published: 23:48, 22 January 2019
4A Games
picture showing combat in metro exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus may be a horror in some aspects, but it is also a first-person shooter in others. The most recent trailer showcased the latter, along with the tools of the trade for Artyom and Ana, which they will use to survive the surface.

Metro Exodus has plenty of guns that look ugly, but are also highly efficient. One example is the iconic Bastard gun that starts off as a meager SMG, but as you can see on the trailer above, it can be modified into a high capacity, fast firing weapon that seems to be on par with modern day light machine guns.

Another Metro classic that's returning is the revolver. Just like before, it will be able to fulfill both the roles of a sidearm and a long range precision weapon. Unlike in previous incarnations, this time players will be able to modify it at their whim and will not be stuck with preset modifications.

Both of those weapons are apparently classified as handguns, but there is another class that will be joining them in close quarters combat - shotgun. The basic shotgun is not easy on the eye either, but it also features versatile customisation. Therefore, players will be able to use it in two-barreled and quad-barreled configurations. Meanwhile, the semi-automatic shotgun with higher capacity will offer a way to deal with bigger packs of enemies.

Rifles include Kalash, which is based on the legendary Kalashnikov design, and Bulldog with its bullpup design. Both weapons are described as versatile, but only the options to make them work as long range precision rifles are shown in the trailer above.

Deep Silver Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

The Valve is the anti-materiel rifle crafted specifically for those who like playing like snipers and is Ana's weapon of choice. According to the trailer, the Valve is loud, but also powerful and ideal for quick long range takedowns.

Pneumatic weapons will return in the form of the Tihar rifle, while Helsing crossbow will keep it company in the exotic weapon section. Both of these weapons excel in stealthy engagements for those who prefer ninja-like approach.


Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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Metro Exodus

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