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Meteorite in Dusty Divot has changed appearance again

Published: 09:42, 01 June 2018
Epic Games
Picture of the giant earth anus in Fortnite that people are calling Dusty Divot
Fortnite - Dusty Divot

Fortnite's meteorite has been talk of the town ever since it first appeared as a mysterious white dot on the sky and it keeps grabbing attention even after tearing Earth a new one. The little robotic hands have revealed more of its content.

Fortnite's latest update has also revealed more contents of the meteorite by giving it a slightly new look that represents the work those little robotic arms did. They have apparently scrubbed more of the outer shell and the metallic object inside the meteorite is clearly visible now.

The area inside and around Dusty Divot has also changed a bit, with trees and small patches of grass growing again after the meteorite obliterated flora and possible fauna around the place. While it's always nice to see some nature, the green stuff is not what all the fuss is about. The meteorite's core is apparently lit up and red light is emerging from it.

There are also alien-ish roots that are appearing across the entire map as well, and these roots can't be harvested or interacted with in any manner. Risky Reels and Tilted Towers craters have been filled up and Hop Rocks can now be found in trucks around the map.

Epic Games have also fitted plethora of other, undocumented changes across the map into the latest update, such as the northern building at Loot Lake, as well as minor UI changes like the removal of the skull icon next to the kill count beneath the minimap. The kill count is now presented by a crosshair.

All of these changes may seem minor and unrelated, but knowing Epic Games and their habits, it looks like they are slowly amping up the map evolution for the season finale which should occur in about 39 days since the time of writing. This date is not officially confirmed, but rather a derivation of the battle pass timer in the game.

Epic Games Weird ball of black and red in Dusty Divot is causing mass theorycrafting Fortnite

In case slow map evolution is not your speed, you may want to check out more imminent content additions such as the .

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