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Metal Gear Solid Online is coming back but on PC

Published: 14:39, 28 June 2021
Freddy@MGO2PC Discord
Metal Gear Online 2 PC
Metal Gear Online 2 PC

Metal Gear fandom is longer-lived than console generations and the devotion seems to know no bounds as the community revived the Metal Gear Online scene, although it had to be on PC.

Metal Gear Online was originally the bundled or standalone multiplayer portion of Metal Gear 4 back in the days of PlayStation 3, at the dawn of the last decade. Technically, this particular name was used earlier as well but it's the MGS 4 version that is getting revived thanks to emulation.

The folks behind Metal Gear Online 2 PC, or MGO2 PC for short, are going by TriggerHappy and PX_Machida in the community circles. TriggerHappy made a custom version of the popular RPCS3 emulator, in conjunction with PX_Machida but the team was bigger than just two people. 

You can check out the description of the trailer below for full credits, including Derrik who originally started the project , and Freddy the artist behind the project's logos and images such as the one you see above.

Even though Metal Gear Solid 4 is more than a decade old and wouldn't be a burden on modern computers, keep in mind that you will still be emulating the game, thus requiring more resources. The team put up an FAQ on the official MGO2 PC community Discord , noting that the emulator is CPU-intensive and you will need an eight-core processor with 16 threads ideally but a Ryzen 5 3600 does the job, even though its a six-core, 12-thread deal.

You can also check out the official website in order to find out more about the community and playing the nostalgia-inducing stealth shooter multiplayer.

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