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New Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer

Published: 19:00, 26 January 2017
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Mass Effect: Andromeda artwork showing a  man in a space suit
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the most anticipated games of 2017 and today's cinematic trailer is guaranteed to get your speculative juices flowing

The 15 second trailer featuring a glimpse of the Habitat 7 has been posted yesterday on the Mass Effect twitter page. 

Today, we are treated to a full cinematic trailer which revealed BioWare's ideas about the tone and narrative of the upcoming Mass Effect game. Lens-flare, big evil starships, a villain spitting out one-liners, and lots of modern sci-fi pulp.

YouTube Mass Effect: Anromeda - I hope you like lens-flare Edition Mass Effect: Anromeda - I hope you like lens-flare Edition

What we know about the game so far:

  • it will feature crafting and dedicated melee weapons
  • there will be no season pass
  • multiplayer will be integrated into the single-player campaign and optional
  • many of the races from the previous games will be making a comeback
  • the Nomad and Tempest are new designs of familiar modes of transportation
  • a 10 hour free trial will be available
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