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Marvel XCOM game will let players create their own superheroes, it's claimed

Published: 12:25, 08 August 2021
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Rumoured Marvel XCOM game will not feature existing Marvel characters like Iron Man and Hulk, instead, players will get to create their own superheroes.

Firaxis studio, the team that is developing the iconic XCOM series since 2008, are currently working on an unannounced project, which leaked back in June 2021 as Marvel XCOM-like game.

The game's existence was outed by several reputable sources including Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.

Today, we have a couple of new details about this, yet to be announced turn-based tactics game. Reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed recently that Marvel XCOM may not include beloved Marvel characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America or Thor. Instead, the players will get to create their own superheroes.

Grubb also states that the game could be revealed at Gamescom, which kicks off later this month. He also added that it might be considered as 2K's own IP, despite being a Marvel game, and that's due to the lack of existing Marvel characters.

"The reason that it might still be a new property even though it's a Marvel thing is that, this is not going to pick up any existing franchise in the [Marvel Cinematic Universe], it’s not even going to be existing characters," Grubb said as reported by VGC.

"So it’s not going to have any existing MCU characters, but it should take place in the wider universe."

Interestingly, Grubb claims that the "game is going to focus on supernatural elements of the Marvel universe" but don't expect things like Blade or vampires. 

"I don’t know if it means mystical Marvel [characters] but I think you might see enemies of that type that you’re fighting."

Marvel picture showing super heroes from marvel's avengers These won't be in Marvel XCOM game

2K Games confirmed before that they will announce a brand new game this Summer. It's highly likely that this game is Marvel XCOM title but let's wait for that official announcement before starting the hype train.

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