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Mario Kart 64 Coming to Wii U Today

Published: 13:02, 29 December 2016
Updated: 15:51, 09 February 2017
Mario Kart 64

The renowned Nintendo 64 racer arrives on the Wii U Virtual Console today

One of the best-known Nintendo 64 games, Mario Kart, is coming to Nintendo Wii U via Virtual Console today.

Mario Kart 64 - In the lead Mario Kart 64 - In the lead

The game will be priced at $9.99, or $2 if you already own the Virtual Console, in which case you'll only have to pay for an upgrade.

The Wii U version will support up to four players, as well as some of the most memorable Mario Kart courses. You can find out more about the game

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