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Love is in the Air holiday is currently in progress

Published: 11:43, 08 February 2017
World of Warcraft

The state of infatuation brought about by a rush of dopamine has apparently left its canister

Love is in the Air holiday is now in full swing, taking place in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. This year, the level cap has been lowered and now all players with a character level 16 or higher and can take part in the lovely festivities. Chances of getting the Big Love Rocket mount are now higher than ever, as the players can take a crack at it as many times as they have character slots, once a day per character, every dan until the holiday ends on 21 February.

The accepted currency during the event is the Love Token. A lot of new toys available this year: the Love Boat (270 tokens), and the Sturdy Love Fool (100 tokens). Previous year's loot such as the Swift Lovebird Mount (270 tokens), Lovebird Hatchling (40), Dinner Suit and a Lovely Dress (20 tokens) and more are still available.

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