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Lost in Random gets release date and more details

Published: 06:27, 24 July 2021
Lost in Random
Lost in Random

Lost in Random now has a release date and a few more gameplay details were shared with the fans who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming adventure.

Lost in Random is set to release on September 10, 2021. The news is courtesy of the EA Play 2021 showcase where we also got a sneak peek at the gameplay, via the trailer that can be seen below.

It shows the mechanics the players will use on the journey to help even rescue her sister, Odd. The names of the sisters are also quite ironic since Odd rolled an even number when the Queen decided to take her away after the fateful dice toss. Just like the theme of rolling the dice, everything in the game is pretty much ruled by randomness as the queen isn't the only one with dice at her side - Even will be accompanied by Dicey, a small living dice who plays a major part in the gameplay.

Through collecting coins along the way, Even will be able to learn new attacks, abilities and more, which will give her an edge during tactical combat. Additionally, the girl can use her slingshot to reach energy cubes that will power Dicey, who will be able to roll once charged, letting the players freeze the time or unleash his magic, which comes in a variety of colours, often explosive.


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