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Lost Ark summer update brings back Event Guardian, introduces pet ranch

Published: 13:03, 25 August 2022
Lost Ark - Under the Arkesian Sun update
Lost Ark - Under the Arkesian Sun update

Lost Ark's summer update has gone live a bit late when compared to other games but it does bring plenty of things to refresh the game.

Remember when Cuddly the family dog didn't feel well so the parents took him to pet ranch? Yeah, well, the pet ranch in Lost Ark is nothing like that.

When you take your pets to this new area in Stronghold, the pets will be able to play, grow and even help you earn some rewards. Jam Cookies and Pet Expertise are there to make the pets better than ever, rather than never being seen again.

Anyway, reaching maximum Pet Expertise and spending Pet Growth Tokens will make the pet Legendary, at which point they gain a random powerful skill that will periodically buff the player while in combat. There is a total of six pet skills that can be randomly unlocked and switched between.

Whether you like adventurng with other players or alone, you will be able to take down three Guardians in an arena with the Scale of Balance applied. To get to them, you will need to initiate a Guardian Raid while at Combat Level 50 or above, as well as Item Level 250 or above.

Attacking the Event Guardian can cause it to drop buffs that will stack up to three times, providing the player with obscene amounts of damage. Upon defeating the three Guardians, the player will get tokens from the reward chest which has a one-day cooldown.

Smilegate Lost Ark Pet Ranch Lost Ark Pet Ranch

The tokens can be spent at the event vendor for the duration of the Arkesian Sun event .

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