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Lord of the Rings Online offers world transfers now

Published: 20:04, 23 May 2020
Lord of the Rings Online
Lord of the Rings Online

Standing Stone Games announced that Lord of the Rings Online will support character transfers between servers now but there is a hitch or two that you might want to know first

Players can purchase server transfers for their characters in Lord of the Rings Online but they can only transfer between the servers in their region. In other words, you can transfer from one U.S. server to another but you cannot go from U.S. to Europe or vice versa.

Additionally, transfers from The Legendary Worlds of Anor to Ithil will be possible and those who want to migrate from Ithil can go in the opposite direction.

However, players cannot get transfers from "closed game worlds" to the "active game worlds" for the time being but the announcement noted that the devs intend to make these transfers possible in the future.

The price of moving a character between worlds will be 2,495 LOTRO points while transferring shared items will set players back 495 LOTRO points. Keep in mind that the shared item transfer is included in the character transfer price, at the time of the character transfer. Moving characters between Anor and Ithil is free.

In order to transfer a character, players will need to do the following steps:

  1. Log into the game launcher
  2. Click the Transfer button
  3. Select the server to transfer your character or shared items from
  4. Select the characters and/ or shared items to be transferred
  5. Select the world you wish to transfer to
  6. Confirm the transfer
  7. Confirm again

The list of shared items available for transfer is:

  • Shared Storage
  • Account Shared Currency (mithril coins and skirmish marks)
  • Housing Storage
  • Wardrobe
  • Destiny

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