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LoTR Online adding a difficulty slider feature in open world content

Published: 19:14, 31 May 2021
Daybreak Game Company
Lord Of the Rings Online brings new balance to Middle Earth
Lord Of the Rings Online brings new balance to Middle Earth

If you find yourself in front of an Uruk Hai, and not feeling even the slightest bit of dear or thrill, Lord of the Rings Online has implemented a solution for this problem.

Ever since J.R. R. Tolkien created the universe which houses the Middle Earth and its lore, we've been in love with it. Reading about it, watching the movies, and playing the games.

With the release of Lord of the Rings Online, we were able to enter the world of Middle Earth as one of its inhabitants and have our own adventures. Unfortunately, the progression in MMO games ensures that certain zones, which may be filled with our favorite quests or mobs, are too weak for our fully fleshed-out characters to enjoy.

On that note, Lord of the Rings Online are adding a new feature to open-world content. Players will be able to adjust the difficulty levels of certain zones to their liking, ensuring themselves a challenge whilst playing.

A problem that plagues every game with such progression, especially of the MMO genre, the difficulty slider represents a convenient solution to this problem. However, unlike games such as RIFT, the slider does not work on the basis of nerfing your own character to be able to enter weaker zones, but on buffing the zones themselves. In this way, your character's skill paths, spells, and abilities are not impacted, and you can stop worrying about having no worthy foes due to out leveling them.

Daybreak Game Company Gnomes are natural-born burglars Gnomes are natural born burglars

Quite a few, older, players are planning on returning to the game due to this feature, as they can now seek the thrill once again, and not just mow down everything in their path. For the players that focus solely on leveling though, the solution is simple. As the feature is an adjustable slider and not one that automatically adjusts based on your character's level, playing the game does not change at all.

To those of us, that bite off more than we can chew, may we meet on the silver shores.

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