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Looks like Apex Legends is getting guilds

Published: 08:55, 23 July 2020
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Data mining to the rescue, once again - prominent data miner Shrugtal found proof of clans/guilds coming to Apex Legends, which should make matchmaking easier for many.

It's actually quite strange for a game that's been putting co-op play as front and centre as Apex Legends, not to offer any external means of finding teammates, but hey - better late than never, right. 

We suppose this has to do with Respawn's renewed push that earned Apex Legends a dedicated studio in Vancouver, but let's get into the good stuff.

According to Shrugtal, whom we cordially recommend you follow (he doesn't spoil Quests), the Lost Treasures event brought with it a bunch of extra code, some of which refers to clubs, which is presumed to be Apex Legends' version of guilds. 

Apex Legends files contained two blocks of code referring to clubs, the first one being data structures. As you can see, they hold some basic info like a player's clubID, name, member count and even something called the club rank.

Basically, there's everything you'd expect from a guild/clan setup - clubs will have privacy settings, with the usual options like private, invite-only, open on request, etc. 

Apex Legends club leaders will be able to kick members from clubs and set minimum requirements, where members will need to be a specific level or have a set minimum rating to join. 

Apex Legends clubs data structure Apex Legends, clubs data structures

Apex Legends clubs are split into four ranks, starting with the club creator as the absolute ruler. Then you have club admins, which should have all the privileges except those to dissolve the club; captains, which should be seasoned club veterans that aren't yet leadership material, and last but not least - grunts, which are newbies and greenhorns. 

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