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LoL's new champion, Rell the Iron Maiden, revealed with abilities

Published: 17:05, 23 November 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Rell, the Iron Maiden
League of Legends - Rell, the Iron Maiden

Riot Games were pushed to reveal the new League of Legends champion, Rell the Iron Maiden, after it leaked on an official Chinese social media channel.

Rell, the Iron Maiden, will be a support champion who bends metal and can make it serve as her mount or for usage with other abilities. When mounted, she looks like a lancer which should look interesting with a Hecarim running around. Unlike Hecarim's self-centred carry archetype, though, Rell will be focused on soaking up damage and serving up enemies on a silver platter.

Her passive makes Rell syphon armour and magic resistance from enemies she attacks and hitting multiple enemies will stack these gains. As a tradeoff, she will attack slowly so you won't be able to become an unkillable monstrosity in two seconds or so.

Shattering Strike, the Q ability, works like the short version of Pyke or Pantheon Q - a simple low-range stab. The sweet part here is that it will break enemy shields so make sure you bring her along when facing the likes of Janna or Lulu. Furthermore, Rell will heal the ally bound with E for each enemy struck.

W ability will work as her mount or dismount. When dismounting, she will gain a shield and knock up nearby enemies. When mounting, she will instead gain a burst of movement speed and charge the auto-attack target to flip them over.

Rell can bind an ally and provide them with some armour and MR by casting E, Attract and Repel. If an enemy ends up at the tether, Rell can recast the ability to stun them.

Magnet Storm is the ultimate ability, allowing the Feromancer to pull enemies around her for a few seconds. The ability is pretty straightforward but extremely powerful. It will not interrupt the enemies' actions, so they do have a way to fight it off. 

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