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LoLdle Quote of the Day Solution - Aha, 42, I knew it! Now - er, what was the question again?

Published: 05:48, 28 December 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Heimerdinger
League of Legends Heimerdinger

Here are all the LoLdle solutions for today, December 28, 2022. We hope that we helped you guess all the riddles, so you can keep your winning streak alive.

LoLdle is a game based on Wordle and uses Riot Games'    League of Legends champions and their quotes, abilities, and splash arts. If you are in trouble of losing your streak of correct guesses, we are here to help. The last LoLdle quote of the day solution was Caitlyn - the Sheriff of Piltover.

In today's LoLdle riddle, the quote of the day is: "Aha, 42, I knew it! Now - er, what was the question again? ". A brilliant yet eccentric yordle scientist, Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger is one of the most innovative and esteemed inventors Piltover has ever known. 

The answer for today's quote of the day is Heimerdinger - the Revered Inventor. 

For the solution of the Classic LoLdle riddle, these were the clues:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Bottom
  • Species: Chemically altered/Rat
  • Resource: Mana
  • Range Type: Ranged
  • Region: Zaun
  • Release date: 2009

The solution for the Classic riddle is Twitch - the Plague Rat. Always a sneaky sneak, when he's not rooting around in the Sump, he's digging deep into other people's garbage for discarded treasures… and perhaps a moldy sandwich. 

Riot Games Twitch is not afraid to get his paws dirty Twitch is not afraid to get his paws dirty

The solution for today's Ability LoLdle riddle is Karma - the Enlightened One. The picture shows her W ability - Focused Resolve. Karma has done her best to guide her people in recent times of crisis, though she knows that peace and harmony may come only at a considerable cost—both to her, and to the land she holds most dear. 

The answer for today's Splash Art riddle is Quinn - Demacia's Wings. Nimble and acrobatic when required, Quinn takes aim with her crossbow while Valor marks their elusive targets from above, making them a deadly pair on the battlefield.  


League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

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