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LoL patch 10.25 brings buffs to ADC and support; nerfs tank roles

Published: 22:09, 19 November 2020
Updated: 22:11, 19 November 2020
Riot Games
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There will be some big changes besides the item overhaul

Mark Yetter, a Riot Games employee revealed the balance team's intentions for patch 10.25. The patch will bring additional buffs to crit AD carries and enchanter supports, as well as some other changes.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, better known as Riot Scruffy tweeted about some interesting changes that the balance team will be working on for patch 10.25 which is scheduled three weeks from now. 

The patch will include some much-needed changes in order to bring balance to the preseason game state:

  • Crit AD carry buffs
  • Support role buffs
  • Burst damage adjustments
  • Tank nerfs
  • Tiamat buffs
  • Tear champion changes
  • AP jungler buffs
  • Pantheon changes

The crit AD carries are in a pretty bad position now and it's no wonder why they're getting buffed. Riot will already implement some ADC item buffs in 10.24 and these additional changes could ADC champions back to the glory days.

Even though it seems that the support role will see some general buffs, Riot will additionally focus on enchanter supports since their performance dropped in solo queue. Tanks may still be OP after the initial hotfixes and planned changes (10.24) so we will most likely see some additional nerfs to this class.

Removing the active mechanic from the item Tiamat has indirectly nerfed a bunch of champions and while we might not see this change reverted, there will be some buffs that can make this item relevant again.

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For a couple of seasons, champions like Cassio, Kassadin or Anivia have had their build path tied to the item Tear of the Goddes as it provides all the necessary mana. Since one of Riot's goals for the item overhaul is to give more diversions when it comes to choosing items, they will give these champions options to change their item route.

Pantheon has been one of the strongest picks in the game but it the support position which isn't the place he's supposed to exceed in. There were already some attempts to shift his power to the solo lanes but they didn't prove to be enough so we'll have another set of changes.

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