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LoL - Lil Nas X Accidentally Copyright Strikes All Star Walkin Reactions

Published: 00:21, 05 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - We called Lil Nas X doing the anthem
League of Legends - We called Lil Nas X doing the anthem

It's not that hard to miss that every video on YouTube that analyzed or reacted to Star Walkin has been taken down. So, what happened exactly, and did Riot have anything to do with it?

It wouldn't be the first time Riot Game s make an honest mistake and create problems for League of Legends content creators, or players.

This time, though, the fault lies solely at the feet of Lil Nas X. Was this a targeted attempt due to the backlash against his song , or something else entirely?

Usually, when YouTube videos get a copyright infringement notice, it's done immediately after posting the, or soon thereafter.

This time, though, it took six days for the videos featuring Star Walkin to be taken down from the site, even though they were in the transformative content category.

And they were all taken down due to YouTube's automatic system, and the claim is made on the video itself, and not just the music, which would merely make the videos demonetized instead of banned entirely.

Riot Games League of Legends - A mecha fight would go better with Rise, than Star Walkin League of Legends - If the thumbnail featuring Star Walkin is not covered up, the video would get banned

As it turns out, it was not Riot Games whose copyright content creators infringed upon. Instead, Lil Nas X posted the same video the official League of Legends channel did, 6 days after the song was released.

And, as this is a famous singer after all, the YouTube automatic system flagged it as original content owned by the studio that Lil Nas X works with, making them owners of the copyright for the video as well, instead of just the audio, in the eyes of the YouTube system.

So, to answer any debates on whether anyone targeted the content creators for taking the song apart, and not liking it, that is unlikely. it's a series of unfortunate accidents that Riot Games have promised to look into, and try to fix.

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