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LoL is getting a new Pentakill album and skin line

Published: 01:14, 25 August 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Pentakill Lost Chapter skins
League of Legends - Pentakill Lost Chapter skins

It's time to shred in League of Legends once again as Riot Games are stepping away from the regularly scheduled K-Pop programme and teasing more metal content for the fans.

Pentakill is the much-beloved portion of League of Legends since it doubled down as a fantastic skin line and a source of great music that countless fans absolutely adored. With talent such as Jorn Lande on the vocals, it's no wonder the fictional band found so much fame and it looks like they are not done yet.

Riot Games announced the band's third album, Lost Chapter, which will be released soon. After all, it wouldn't make much sense to release the associated skins without the main inspiration itself and the skins are already on PBE.

Speaking of which, there is the regular lineup of Karthus, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona and Yorick who have been there from the beginning. All of them are getting new skins for the Lost Chapter version of Pentakill. Kayle, the newest member of the band, will be joining them with the new looks and while certain leaks pointed towards Volibear getting included, this will not be the case.

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League of Legends

Instead, Viego will get his Dissonance of Pentakill skin so if the name is anything to go by, he will be acting as the villain for the band. You can check out all of the new skins on Surrender at 20 , who already posted all the juicy info from PBE.

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