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LoL Esports - T1 Remove Head Coach Polt After Fan Pressure

Published: 02:10, 06 September 2022
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League of Legends - Removing a coach just before Worlds, seems like a desperate move
League of Legends - Removing a coach just before Worlds, seems like a desperate move

T1 have removed their Head coach, Polt, after fans have seemingly pressured them into doing so, due to losing to Gen.G in the Summer Split 2022, with a score of 3:0.

T1 is a Korean esports team operated by T1 Entertainment & Sports, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Comcast Spectacor, formed out of SK Telecom T1 K and SK Telecom T1 S. They were previously known as SK Telecom T1, and are perhaps most famous for their success in League of Legends tournaments run by Riot Game s.

To say that they have been breaking records earlier this year, would be an understatement. It seemed as if they were back to their glory days, until the losses they suffered in the two recent finals.

They lost both finals at MSI 2022 to RNG and LCK 2022 Summer to Gen.G, which caused their fans to make incredible waves, asking for changes to be made, and even sending a list of demands to the T1 leadership.

Riot Games Faker is talking with his teammates during a tournament. Are we going to see Faker cry this year?

One of the demands was removing the Head Coach, Choi Seong-hun, also known as Polt, for someone with more experience. After their loss in the LCK finals, the leadership acquiesced to the demands.

Of course, they have not outright stated that it was fan pressure that made them make this decision, but it certainly helped. Polt will now be moved to a lower-ranking position within the organization, that of a general manager.

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