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LoL eSports - Multiple Worlds 2022 Participants Contract Covid 19

Published: 06:30, 13 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Worlds 2022 will be worth it either way
League of Legends - Worlds 2022 will be worth it either way

Only recently Fnatic had a lot of issues with their team's roster being incomplete due to their bot lane contracting Covid just before Worlds. Now, multiple teams are forced to play remotely.

Mere days before the League of Legends World Championship 2022 started, we got an announcement that Fnatic's bot lane had contracted Covid 19. Now, however, the issue has spread so far that Riot Games have to react.

Unlike the last time , the issue is not exclusive to one team, instead multiple players from different teams seem to have contracted Covid and will have to play remotely.

Currently, the confirmed cases are:

  • Gen. G Chovy
  • Gen. G Score
  • Gen G Museo
  • EDG Scout
  • EDG Viper
  • DK Canyon

Fnatic Picture of Fnatic logo with a venue in the background League of Legends - Fnatic clutched their first match, so can everyone else

All of these players will have to play their matches remotely, from isolation, until their health and those of others around them are no longer compromised.

Due to these issues, Rot Games have also made an announcement that all participants must continuously be subjected t testing for Covid 19, in a regular testing cadence.

Luckily for these players, the organizers of the World Championship have thought ahead, and those that are feeling well enough to play can do so from specially designed isolation rooms, via LAN, so as to still have the same latency as everyone else on stage.

Had that not been the case, Worlds 2022 would have been a much different affair, team-composition-wise.

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