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LoL esports: G2 Ocelote blocked Perkz from going to Fnatic until 2024

Published: 16:39, 11 November 2021
Updated: 16:40, 11 November 2021
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Luka "Perkz" Perkovi?
Luka "Perkz" Perkovi?

Something was fishy with the Perkz transfer from G2 to C9 and fans already knew it but a recent report shone more light on the mess and sparked another controversial story from a LoL preseason.

League of Legends preseasons are often filled with drama and unsavoury business practices and the current one is not an exception. When Perkz was sold to C9 last season, Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez certainly looked like he was hiding something behind the grandiose words for the player he had sold to the NA team while blocking his transfer to FNC.

A recent r eport by Jacob Wolf provided more insight on that episode of loopholes at the expense of several parties. While everyone knew Ocelote prevented Perkz' potential transfer to FNC, no one was aware that the G2 owner went much further than that by including a clause in the contract that would prevent the player from moving to the black and orange side for three years. In other words, G2 kept blocking the possibility of FNC Perkz even after the player was no longer with the organisation.

Exerting so much control over a player's future is obviously unethical, especially because such a long period in LoL esports means the clause is in place until the twilight, if not the end of Perkz' playing career.

Riot Games eventually pitched in to make their stance on the matter visible, stating they will update the rules so no such thing can happen in the future. However, there will be no punishment for G2 or Ocelote because the rule didn't exist at the time of drafting the contract with C9.

While Ocelote was busy blocking the supposedly biggest rivals in the LEC, Rogue and MAD Lions rose to the top of Europe while FNC beat G2 for the third seed at Worlds 2021 so it appears that the plan didn't really work out in the end. Vitality also pulled a spicy backdoor by building a pretty stacked team in the off-season, reportedly scooping up Perkz and Alphari in the process.

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