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LoL: Caitlyn's auto attack resets accidentally removed, won't be back

Published: 18:04, 06 November 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Caitlyn
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Riot Games apparently fixed Caitlyn's animation cancelling on accident and they are not looking to reintroduce it to League of Legends.

When Caitlyn received her mini rework that related to gameplay in League of Legends , it brought some new mechanics that were apparently not intended. Those who played her before will remember that Headshot would only pop up on the seventh shot and wouldn't be triggered by the net or traps. 

After the update, both those abilities started proccing Headshot and could be used to reset her auto-attack animation. According to information that surfaced from the pending visual update for the champion, these animation cancels were not planned and the devs actively tried to remove them. They partially failed and as long as Caitlyn auto-attacks one target and triggers an ability-related headshot on another, she can still fire off two extremely quick auto attacks.

This will no longer be possible when the sheriff gets the visual update, which is probably coming to live servers on November 9, 2021. According to the developers, they accidentally changed the code related to auto-attack resets and have no intention of turning it back . Naturally, this didn't sit well with Caitlyn mains. 

Riot keeps reassuring players that if animation cancels prove to be too much of a nerf, they will buff the character but there appears to be something they are missing - the players aren't fond of those headshots because they make Caitlyn strong. They are merely another mechanic that adds to the depth of the champion and as such, makes it more fun to play.

It remains to be seen whether Riot Games will manage to find another way to make Caitlyn as engaging as before or if they will invoke another meme along the lines of 200 years.

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