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List of Stray trophies appears ahead of release

Published: 11:33, 11 July 2022
Updated: 08:48, 12 July 2022
Blue Twelve Studio

Stray is now extremely close to release but if you can't wait for it, you can at least have a sneak peek at the trophies that will make you feel very feline.

Stray achievements, or trophies as they're known in the PSN ecosystem, have been designed and named to properly channel that feeling of playing as a cat while focusing less on the actual environment. While environments do make up some of the achievements, it's all about doing things a cat would do and then turning 180 degrees to find a completely wacky one.

In any case, the list of trophies appeared on ExoPhase , roughly one week before Stray releases on July 19, 2022.

Gold trophies

  • Cat-a-Pult - Jump 500 times
  • Can't Cat-ch Me - Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught
  • Pacifist - Complete the Sewers section without killing any Zurks
  • I Am Speed - Complete the game in under two hours
  • Eye Opener - Complete the game and open the city
  • I Remember - Collect all of B12's memories
  • Badges - Collect all badges

Silver trophies

  • A Little Chatty - Meow 100 times
  • Productive Day - Sleep for more than one hour
  • Catwalk - Reach Midtown
  • Sneakitty - Get through Midtown without being detected by Sentinels
  • Not Alone - Meet B12
  • Al-Cat-Raz - Go to jail
  • Meowlody - Bring all music sheets to Morusque
  • Cat's Best Friend - Nuzzle up against five robots
  • Territory - Scratch in every chapter

Steam Stray is a console exclusive for PlayStation Stray

Bronze trophies

  • Boom Chat Kalaka - Dunk the basketball
  • No More Lives - Die nine times
  • Scratch - Scratch the vinyl in the club
  • Missed Jump - Fall inside the city
  • Cat Got Your Tongue? - Have B12 translate a robot
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat - Wear the paper bag
  • Cat-a-strophe - Try to play Mahjong with the robots
  • Tele-a-chat - Browse through all TV channels

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