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First proper glimpse of Life is Strange 2 shown in new trailer

Published: 21:02, 02 August 2018
DONTNOD Entertainment
Promotional picture for Life is Strange 2 offering some DLC items
Life is Strange 2

Fans of Life is Strange have been offered a first glimpse of the sequel with a teaser trailer. The trailer itself didn't show any gameplay, but then again it's a teaser. It did reveal that a full reveal will happen on 20 August 2018 though.

Dontnod Entertainment are fresh off the release of Vampyr and Dr Reid's blood transfusion adventures but that is not stopping them from immediately pushing forward with new info for their flagship title - Life is Strange. 

The trailer above shows an officer cruising in a police car, calling in a 10-10 which is a code for "Fight in progress". He goes out to investigate, only to be thrown away along with his car just moments later by what seems like a supernatural force. Some fans are speculating its telekinesis and it could be that Max or even someone else developed these powers in the meantime.

While there is no actual gameplay, the teaser did hint that Life is Strange 2 will not rely on cartoony graphics as much its predecessor did, opting for a slightly more realistic look. There is only a slight indication on who the protagonist of the sequel will be, but it's unknown whether Max and Chloe will return. 

Chris, the child protagonist in the playable demo , has exhibited some telekinetic powers, so it's probably him that blows the officer away. He could prove to be the game's protagonist, supporting character or even an antagonist, but these are all just theories for the moment.

There is some other info that the trailer offered though. First, the full reveal will happen on 20 August 2018 as previously mentioned and second, the first episode is coming on 27 September 2018.

DONTNOD Entertainment Picture of Chris, cosplaying as Captain Spirit in Life is Strange 2 demo The Adventures of Captain Spirit

A full season of Life is Strange 2 will consist of five episodes, all of which can be purchased in a bundle on with an odd three per cent discount. Chances are not high that this is intended as proper incentive for fans to buy more copies, which means it could be an Easter egg or a clue about latest happenings in Acadia Bay.


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