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PlayStation 5 to be announced mid-2019, reveal at PSX 2019

Published: 15:26, 16 November 2018
Updated: 15:29, 16 November 2018
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Sony's recent announcement about not attending E3 2019 raised a lot of dust, which resulted in many people not noticing someone leaked that info beforehand. Now the same person says PS5 will be announced mid-2019 and unveiled at PSX 2019.

Reddit is the source of many interesting, disturbing and simply odd stories. It is also one of the most popular forums in the world and that's why people use this platform to post interesting info they are privy to.

Sony not attending E3 2019 is definitely interesting, and when the official statement confirmed this, theories about the why of things started flying all over the internet. People, for the most part, completely forgot about Reddit user going by the name RuthenicCookie who before Sony did.

Several hours later, their info was verified through the articles all over the web and people's attention to the post grew bigger. One user asked this particular Cookie whether they knew any more info about Sony's future plans, which turned out to be the case.

Apparently, PlayStation Experience is returning in 2019, as expected, but PlayStation 5 will be announced before the event, at some point halfway through 2019. It will purportedly be just a teaser of sorts, with the big reveal happening at PlayStation Experience.

This also means PSX 2019 will happen after June 2019, and the for not attending E3 is that Sony didn't have anything major to show during the event since they "blew all their load" in 2018, according to RuthenicCookie. PlayStation 5 will apparently be released in 2020.

Pulling away from E3 just when Sony's next generation of PlayStation was supposed to surface hinted at the company wanting to promote their own events through big reveals and we , hours after the announcement. Who'd've thought?

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While our in-house Sherlocks pat themselves on the back, we advise any readers not to get too hyped or hold any of these claims to be 100 per cent true, since nothing is set in stone yet. Remember, the claims are leaks and therefore any content connected to them is subject to change. The only reason why these claims have some merit is that RuthenicCookie provided correct information about Sony's E3 announcement.

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