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Leaked Saints Row gameplay shows it's not all doom and gloom for the reboot

Published: 08:33, 18 September 2021
Saints Row Self Made main characters
Saints Row Self Made main characters

Saints Row Reboot gameplay video that was shown to certain influencers and press during the Gamescom has leaked online and we have to say, it doesn't look half bad.

A couple of weeks ago, Deep Silver officially announced Saints Row Reboot. And while fans of the franchise have been waiting for such a game for many many years, the reveal trailer did not impress the community. 

The fans were not quite happy with how the game looks. Apparently, its art style does not suit the tone of the Saints Row franchise but despite the backlash, the development team have made it clear they will stick to their creation and hope that the majority of the community will enjoy the game when it launches.

Today, we have a leak that will probably ease the concerns of Saints Row fans. A full gameplay trailer that was shown to some influencers and media during the Gamescom show, has surfaced online. 

Check it out below, before it gets taken down:

As you can see in the gameplay video, the game doesn't look half bad. While the quality of the video is not the best, it's still more than enough to give us a clearer picture of the gameplay.

The locations look great and the parts where we get to see vehicular combat especially got us excited. 

This begs the question though, why haven't Deep Silver and developer Volition showcased this gameplay video instead of the one that was shared publicly? 

Still, we cannot wait to see more but hopefully, next time it will be a 4K 60 FPS gameplay so we get to see the game in its full glory.

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