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Saints Row: The Third gets the first performance update on Switch

Published: 10:12, 17 May 2019
Deep Silver
Promotional screenshot from Saints Row The Third
Saints Row The Third

Deep Silver have launched Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch recently and it was a hot mess to say the least. The publisher and developer were quick to react and release a patch that improves performance on the handheld platform.

Saints Row: The Third may have been an acclaimed game on PC and consoles since the release back in 2011 but it is off to less than a stellar start on Nintendo Switch in 2019. Forums are flooded with complaints about performance issues and it's already apparent the game shouldn't have been launched in this state.

It was, however, but Deep Silver quickly reacted and already released a statement where they acknowledged the issues plaguing the game. They also released a list of updates that will aim to improve performance on Saints Row 3 on Switch.

Players should no longer experience infinite loading screens which already puts Switch owners at an advantage over Anthem players. Furthermore, selecting "End Game" on the pose screen will no longer crash Saints Row 3.

Low-resolution particle rendering and related performance update have both been added which should help Switch run the game in double-digit frame rates. 

Those who temporarily lose connection will no longer be technically booted from the online session since the user confirmation pop-up to reconnect to Nintendo Switch Online has been fixed. On the topic of online play, auto matchmaking for public gameplay has been fixed too.

Volition Picture of The Boss and Shaundi in Saints Row 3 Saints Row: The Third was already unhinged but the next game took the cake

There are other performance fixes that Deep Silver didn't go into detail with but it appears the developers will be working on more updates in the future as they asked players to help identify certain issues.

Some users have apparently reported issues with graphical glitches, input lag, low sensitivity in controls and slider sensitivity in character creation. You can check out the full post and the instructions on how to report these additional problems on .


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