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Rainbow Six Siege's Danish and American Operators leaked

Published: 14:52, 08 March 2019
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

According to the latest info from known ResetEra Rainbow Six Siege leaker, the new Danish operator will be invisible to cameras and has a silent step similar to Caveira's while the American defender's sight can bypass flash and smoke.

Even though Rainbow Six Siege just entered its first season in Year 4 in which players got a new map and operators, details about the upcoming Season 2 content have already started to surface.

The latest information comes from trusted Rainbow Six Siege leaker who previously revealed correct details about Operation Burnt Horizon, months before the official release.

ResetEra user named Kormora wrote a small post in which he only briefly described the two upcoming operators - Danish attacker and American Secret Service defender.

According to Kormora, Danish operator is invisible to cameras and has some sort of a silent step, similar to Caveira's. Judging by the description, the Dane will be another stealthy attacker. 

You may remember that Ubisoft recently teased the Danish operator with a wallpaper that offered some insight into the attacker's playstyle and gadgets. The Dane was described as "calculative" and an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" with the "ability to blend and adapt into an environment". Ubisoft's details certainly line up with the latest leak.

On paper, many would say that invisibility could be overpowered but we doubt Ubisoft will allow players to be invisible to cameras all the time. It's probably a sort of an activation gadget that will only last for a short period of time.

As for the American Secret Service operator, Kormora claims that the defender has special eyesight that bypasses flash and smoke grenades and gadgets. This one could be similar to Glaz's flip sight, which allows him to clearly see his enemies through the smoke.

Ubisoft picture showing a man in front of board Rainbow Six Siege operator tease

Rainbow Six Siege Season Two is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2019, and along with the two new operators, it will also bring Kafe map rework and new mid-season event.

You can check the full for more details on upcoming operators and maps.

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