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PUBG PS4 release could happen by the end of the year

Published: 07:40, 07 November 2018
picture showing players wearing backpacks in PUBG game

Two promotional pictures of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have been revealed by a member of PSNProfiles forum along with ID codes of the game. The information comes just a month before the one year anniversary of PUBG's Xbox One release.

After almost a year of exclusivity for Microsoft's Xbox One console, it looks like a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PlayStation 4 release could be imminent. A member of PSNProfiles forum found two promotional images of the game linked to two digital game ID codes "BATTLEGROUNDS000" for North America and Europe PSN stores.

This bit of leaked info was confirmed by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on ResetEra forum. Ahmad said that PUBG will indeed release in December 2018 and added that it's possible we'll get a surprise reveal at Video Games Awards show on 6 December 2018.

Another leak earlier revealed that The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea have rated the popular battle royal game for PlayStation 4. South Korea is the nation where PUBG Corp is headquartered so there's another clue to add to the whole picture.

After PUBG's Xbox One release rumours were floating around about a one year exclusive deal between Bluehole and Microsoft and they could turn out to be true in the upcoming month.

Bluehole Picture of two people in PUBG, one of them is crouching and firing her weapon PUBG - Sanhok Forty-Fivers

Since Sony don't quite have Game Preview programs like Microsoft, it will be interesting to see if PUBG arrives to the PlayStation Store as a full release. It's worth noting that Sony have made some exceptions before for the likes of Fortnite and Ark: Survival Evolved, with both of these titles released on PlayStation 4 in early access state.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds arrived on Xbox One on 12 December via Game Preview after a lengthy pre-1.0 run on PC.

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