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League of Legends Worlds 2019 finals finally broke Riot Script

Published: 16:21, 11 November 2019
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League of Legends World Championship 2019
League of Legends World Championship 2019

Riot script for Worlds 2019 dictated that all main event playoff matches end with 3-1 score but the finals turned out to be a clean sweep. The rest of the article contains spoilers on the results and each game details.

FunPlus Phoenix completely outplayed G2 Esports in the finals, going with a well-deserved clean sweep. The Chinese, and now world champions, crushed the opposing team's dreams of having a Grand Slam in 2019 since they won everything in LEC, MSI and Worlds was the only trophy left to conquer. In G2's defence, no team in the history of League of Legends has managed that feat.

When we say "completely outplayed", we mean it from start to finish, and LoL matches start with drafts. The first game kicked off with G2 taking Ryze away from Doinb but the super carry settled for Nautilus. The rest of G2 bans were rather scattered, while FPX focused on shrinking Jankos' champion pool through Gragas, Rek'Sai and Olaf bans. With Kai'Sa banned on FPX side and Xayah on G2 side, Perkz had to forego his comfort picks, ending up on Varus eventually. 

The game took 41 minutes but FPX looked the more dominant team on the pitch almost the entire time, barring G2's signature map pressure that gave them a top inhibitor and almost won them the game. However, Tian's fantastic Dragon Rage ended Perkz prematurely and G2 had to pull out. Their nexus went up in flames soon after.

In the second game of the finals, G2 inexplicably forgot to deny Ryze from Doinb and tried to have Caps' Tristana lane against him. Doinb went 6/0/11, only beaten in kills by Lwx's Kai'Sa that had 8/0/6 asFPX stomped G2 in just 26 minutes.

Wunder picked Ryze in the third game in an attempt to stop Doinb from wreaking havoc but FPX were just on top of their game and couldn't be stopped. It took them 30 minutes to finish the last game and become the crowned champions.

Riot Games League of Legends - FPX holding the Summoner's Cup League of Legends - FPX holding the Summoner's Cup

Essentially, the finals can be summed up with a few points:

  • FPX's great drafting phase where they successfully denied Perkz's strong picks for each game. Syndra was permabanned
  • Tian was omnipresent
  • Lwx had perfect KDA (21/0/14), the first player in League of Legends Worlds history to do so in the finals
  • Attempting to ban Doinb's champion pool is futile
  • FPX really like hooks

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