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League of Legends Taliyah Mid Scope Update Changes Revealed

Published: 04:31, 26 April 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Taliyah skin Pool Party
Taliyah will finally get her wave

They call it a mid-scope update, we call it a rework. WIth the extent of the changes, that is basically what it is. A mini rework, for a forgotten champion with a good premise.

Recently Riot Games have announced reworks for a few of their champions, of which Olaf and Taliyah changes were announced together.

Olaf's changes have come to pass, and even Swain has gotten his moment under the sun with the changes to his kit, and finally, it's now Taliyah's turn.

The changes are comprehensive and have been revealed by Riot August in his recent tweet:

Passive - early roaming nerfed, usability buffed extensively,

  • Q ABility - Cooldown reduced, with  added Area of Effect and worked ground Q reworked to be significantly stronger, with nerfed scaling,
  • W Ability -  Cooldown mana cost reduced significantly with the ability's Reliability upped and damage removed,
  • E Ability -  Up-front damage, range, and duration buffed with an added a stun against dashes and nerfed detonation damage and cooldown
  • Ultimate - Nerfed early range, with increased scaling and added jump on leaving the wall.

Riot Games League of Legends - Talon League of Legends Talon - Exchanging roles with Taliyah

In addition to these changes, the developers have also adjusted Taliyah's abilities for other game modes, as they are finicky at best even in Summoner's Rift.

The changes themselves are geared more towards making Taliyah a mid-lane champion, than turning her towards the jungle, with early roaming being just enough for a roaming mid-laner, and an anti-dash mechanic giving her an edge against assassins.

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