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League of Legends Sivir Rework Full List of Changes Coming to PBE

Published: 01:32, 22 June 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Sivir
League of Legends Sivir is one of the oldest champions in the game

Sivir's rework has only recently been announced, and Riot Games are already taking it to the Public Beta Environment to be tested. It seems that they've either gone well or are not all that deep. To us, it seems to be the former.

On his Twitter Account one RayYonggi, the Rioter in charge of the rework, or the mid-scope update as they call it, tweeted that Sivir is coming to the PBE, with a list of the changes to be tested in the champion's kit:

"Sivir Rework is incoming to PBE this week so posting the full list and goals here. NOTE: Numbers are not final but do reflect direction. Posting a video of new W behavior in replies.

Sivir W behavior change: Can now double back onto targets it's already hit. Will prioritize closest target that has been hit the fewest times."

Her abilities have been changed in subtle ways, mostly in regards to their scaling:

  • Q - Damage is now increased by crit chance, up to 100% bonus damage, with the base damage buffed
  • W - Now grants 20% - 40% bonus AS, with reduced mana cost, but a limit of 7 ricochets a cast
  • E - No longer refunds mana, and now heals her for 60% - 80% AD + 50% AP
  • R
    • No longer grants AS or an initial big burst of MS
    • Still has the lower amount of MS
    • Duration increased from 8 seconds flat to 8 - 12
    • Refreshes on takedowns within 3 seconds of damaging

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In their testing, RayYonggi assures players in the comments that the abilities, even with some nerfs, are better now than before, as their previous use was niche and only those were nerfed, while the main playstyle, the one Riot want the champion to take, has been buffed more.

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