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League of Legends - Riot Announce a New Darkin Assassin Champion

Published: 22:03, 14 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - After the assassin, all that remains is a Darkin support for a full Darkin team comp
League of Legends - After the assassin, all that remains is a Darkin support for a full Darkin team comp

The last pure assassin that got added to League of Legends was Qiyana. Next season, though, the Drakin race is getting expanded with a new assassin champion.

back in 2019, Riot Games added Qiyana to League of Legends without much fanfare, and since then they've only added champions such as Akshan and Yone, with the assassin class as their secondary one.

The next assassin being added to the game though, after the new top lane tank K'Sante , will be a pure assassin of the Darkin race.

In their roadmap, Riot have not revealed which abilities the new assassin will have, or even hint at them, unlike the explanation they did with K'Sante. All we know of the new Darkin assassin champion is that he will be bound to a dagger, as all Darkin are bound to a weapon.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Varus - splash art League of Legends - Varus is searching for their sister

Even speculating to the nature of the abilities this champion will have, is an exercise in futility. Darkin are a race of fallen Suriman Ascended, and every Ascended has always had their own gimmick, unique to them, and the Darkin have stayed the same, with a common theme shared between them.

in this regard, they are unlike Yordles, for example, who are all annoying, as their abilities are all geared towards making the enemy hate their very existence.

Even human champions from common regions, such as Piltover or Zaun, have a theme of technology, Freljord of cold and winter, and Demacia of non-magic.

We do know, however, that the new Darkin assassin champion will be released sometime early next year, after the Aurelion Sol rework goes live, which Riot Games confirmed is coming in late 2022, and that she is most likely female to boot.

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