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League of Legends - Chemtech Drake is Coming Back in Preseason 2023

Published: 01:58, 13 August 2022
Riot Games
Even more camouflage on the Rift with this drake, what can go wrong?
League of Legends - Chemtech Drake is coming back in style

The only "elemental" drake that ever got removed from League of Legends, the Chemtech Drake, is making a comeback this year, during the preseason for season 13.

In only a few months of season 12, Riot Games added two new drakes to the League of Legends Summoners' Rift. And then had to remove one, due to how problematic its soul effect was.

And, now the story continues even further. After removing the Chemtech drake from the game, Riot are returning it during preseason 2023, with a new soul effect and new map changes.

Previously, the Chemtech drake soul would cause champions who die to receive a zombie-like mode, similar to Sion's passive, during which they could use all abilities as if they were alive. Just this was enough to cause problems to the game, aside from all the bugs.

Now, the Chemtech drake soul will give champions more resistance and more damage, the lower their health is, which seems far more balanced, at least in theory.

Previously, the map changed once Chemtech drake spawned as the third drake, and was killed, would spawn areas of camouflage that could not be warded, that heavily favored assassin champions and teams that are ahead.

Riot Games League of Legends - Imagine the ganking possibilities League of Legends - Imagine the ganking possibilities

Now, the map changes will be taken in a different direction. The blast cones and scryer blooms on Summoners' Rift will have their effect enhanced immensely.

Champions that use a scryer bloom will gain movement speed towards revealed enemy champions, while the blast cones will be able to propel you all the way from Blue Buff to in front of the mid-lane turret.

All in all, season 13 is looking to be one where the meta gets shaken up far more than season 12, right at its beginning, and we can't wait to see what comes from all of these changes to the map and jungle.

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