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League of Legends Pyke Ultimate Scaling Reverted After Two Days

Published: 06:39, 06 May 2022
Riot Games
Picture of League of Legends champion Pyke
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Either the player base doesn't like Pyke, Riot doesn't, or even both. It only took two days for the changes on the PBE to be reverted, with no indication of them coming back.

The problem child of the League of Legends support role, namely Pyke, has been giving headaches to the Riot balancing team ever since the champion was released. After all, who thought that an assassin would be a good addition to the bot lane.

The recent changes, slated to hit the champion in patch 12.8 but were delayed, nerfed his early game by increasing the mana cost on his Bone Skewer. However, Riot did add some slow to his Q tap, to balance it out.

The biggest change though was the one in which Pyke can no longer assist himself with his ultimate, effectively removing the extra gold for anyone playing him in a solo lane.

Riot Games League of Legends - Reverted Pyke Passive League of Legends - Reverted Pyke Passive

To buff his scaling, on the other hand, Riot gave him a new passive which executes minions and wards near allies, as well as increases the execute threshold on his Ultimate, with a stacking mechanic.

However, due to the backlash from the player base which fought against letting Pyke scale in any way, Riot reverted the changes to his ultimate only two days after they were instated on the Public Beta Environment server.

As it stands now, the only changes we can expect to hit the live servers are the nerfs, which may very well destroy Pyke's win rate as well as his pick rate, completely.

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