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League of Legends: Master Yi Hotfix changes revealed

Published: 11:00, 06 March 2022
Riot Games
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What will an easier clear mean for farming and scaling junglers, and will it make them OP?

The official League of Legends website has revealed the hotfix changes for Master Yi. These changes should finally shape the champion into an on-hit fighter.  

League of Legends champion Master Yi has seen a decrease in popularity since Riot decided to nerf the infamous funneling strategy which allowed the champion to be paired with specific supports like Taric and take over the game. League of Legends patch 12.5 has brought the long-awaited changes to Master Yi with the goal to force players to abandon the Lethality build.

However, these changes turned out to be a huge buff overall to this hyper carry which made him one of the strongest champions in the game. He's hit a 55 per cent win rate before Riot implemented a couple of hotfix changes

The official League of Legends website has now included Master Yi's hotfix on their patch notes:

  • Base health reduced from 599 to 550
  • Alpha Strike (Q): AD ratio reduced from (+60 per cent AD) to (+50% AD)
  • Alpha Strike (Q): crit bonus damage reduced from +50 per cent damage to +35 per cent damage
  • Alpha Strike (Q): on hit damage reduced from 100 to 75, 25 per ccent to 18.75 per cent for subsequent hits
  • Wuju Style (E): base damage reduced from 30-62 to 30-58
  • Wuju Style (E); bonus AD ratio reduced from 35 per cent AD to 30 per cent AD
  • Highlander (R): CD changed from 85 seconds at all ranks 100 to 80

Riot Games League of Legends champion Master Yi Psyops Master Yi

What the changes to his Q ability represent, however, is that Riot are forcing Yi back onto the road he was designed for, namely that of an auto-attacking fighter, rather than a disappearing assassin. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be a wise course of action, or if we will have a repeat of AP Master Yi.

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