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League of Legends map Summoner's Rift could see some new changes

Published: 15:34, 31 May 2020
Updated: 15:47, 31 May 2020
Riot Games
A screenshot from the game League of Legends
New Elemental Rift changes

Summoner's Rift is by far the most popular map in League of Legends and with millions of players joining the Fields of Justice day after day, even the smallest map change could have a great impact on the overall flow of the game.

Riot Games previously announced that there will be some novelties regarding two Elemental Rift maps - Infernal and Cloud. The new changes are already present on PBE which means and while most of them are likely to hit the live servers, there could still be some additional adjustments.

Blast Cones are the map's explosive fruits which are powerful enough to fling a champion several units away. The new Infernal Rift has now a number of additional Blast Cones on both sides of the map which could have a significant impact on the game since it can make the difference between winning and losing a big team fight.

Riot Games A screenshot from the game League of Legends New Blast Cones - Blue side of the map

The new Blast Cones would certainly add additional dynamic to the game as a new neutral map tool that can affect the outcome of certain situations like escaping a fed Darius or Master Yi. They could also be used for surprising the enemy by jumping over the wall with your whole five-man squad.

Champions whose kit does not allow crossing the map's walls without using Flash will now have a new way to access the enemy base.

Riot Games A screenshot from the game League of Legends You will get to your Red Buff in no time

The image above shows that the Red jungle side will apparently have two Blast Cones very close to each other which could allow you to cover a sizable portion of the map in less than three seconds.

Alcoves didn't have a huge impact on the game on the game so far as they become almost worthless once laning phase is over. Adding two new Blast Cones in that area will definitely spice things up, especially in the bot lane.

Riot Games A screenshot from the game League of Legends Alcove Blast Cones

The Cloud Rift changes will introduce new Scryers Blooms in the jungle as well as a movement speed increase in the wind areas for champions that are out of combat.

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