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League of Legends - Fans Concerned Syndra Changes Will Make her OP

Published: 06:04, 26 September 2022
Riot Games
Picture of Syndra from League of Legends
Syndra will not be getting the upper hand over Lulu after all

Syndra is the next champion getting her own mid-scope update. However, with the changes levied to Syndra with this update, fans are concerned that she will become unhealthily overpowered.

Mid-scope updates are a way for Riot Games to bring older League of Legends champions up to speed with the more modern ones, without having to work over them for months.

Syndra is the next champion that Riot Games intend to modernize with a mid-scope update to get her kit up to par while keeping her theme intact.

However, fans are concerned that this will make Syndra far too powerful to face on the Rift, for multiple reasons that tie into one another, of which two are the biggest culprits:

  • New Syndra will scale far better with her ult passive having an execute
  • Her ultimate will still be a point-and-click ability

Now, in League of Legends there are two types of strong champions Those you have a way of playing against, and whether you win against them or not is based on your skill, and the champions whose abuse you can only withstand.

Riot Games League of Legends - Spirit Blossom Syndra needs to sell somehow League of Legends - Spirit Blossom Syndra needs to sell somehow

Syndra with her ultimate is the latter. It's a point-and-click ability that nuked her enemies into oblivion, with the only silver lining it being not powerful enough when scaling to late-game.

Now, with these changes her ultimate will be an even worse "outplay button" that you can't dodge, killing any squishy with one press of a button, while the rest of the changes say fans, are removing her power as an early-game bully.

Perhaps Riot Games should have just let this one sit in peace.

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