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LoL - Patch 12.19 Changes Will Move Blitzcrank Away From Support

Published: 05:54, 26 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - POV: You are matched against Blitzcrank top
League of Legends - POV: You are matched against Blitzcrank top

The most famous League of Legends champion with a hook is Blitzcrank. it means certain death to anyone caught. However, what happens when the hook is not the only thing he is feared for?

League of Legends patch changes must first be tested on the Public Beta Environment servers, before going live. So, due to that, we have the option of knowing which champs Riot Games are buffing and nerfing, before the patch goes live

And in patch 12.19 we can see that Blitzcrank will be getting some interesting buffs, in an unexpected way.

  • Base Stats
    • Base Attack Speed: Increased from 0.625 to 0.65
    • Attack Speed Ratio: Increased from 0.625 to 0.7
  • Overdrive (W)
    • Attack Speed: Increased from 30% - 62% to 40% - 92%
    • Mana Cost: Increased from 75 to 85
    • Now deals 1% max HP magic damage on-hit while active, increased by 60 - 180 against non-champions
  • Power Fist (E)
    • Mana Cost: Increased from 25 to 40
    • Now scales with 25% AP and increased by 150% AD + 125% AP against non-champions
  • Static Field (R)
    • The passive AP ratio increased from 30% flat to 30% to 50%
    • No longer capped at 3 Stacks

Riot Games Picture of League of Legends champion Nautilus League of Legends: Nautilus was at first released to be a top-lane champion

These changes are a perfect time to try Blitzcrank in a role other than support, where 99% of Blitzcrank games are currently played. Perhaps, coon enough, we will see a HappyChimeNoises video on a player that took an off-meta Blitzcrak to high-elo games.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time a support top lane became one of the most overpowered picks in the game. We all remember Janna top with Smite, don't we?

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