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League of Legends devs offer another glimpse of Dr. Mundo VGU

Published: 11:47, 28 April 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends -  Dr. Mundo
League of Legends - New Rageborn Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo won the reverse of a beauty contest, which got him in the front line for a total makeover and Riot Games' team in charge shared some details on what we can expect to see.

One of the most iconic characters in League of Legends, the insane doctor that keeps experimenting on himself and barely manages to string sentences together, is up next for a VGU. They noted the re-release of Dr. Mundo is getting pretty close so the fans can already see some of the reworked aspects, and while the splash art for Rageborn Mundo is new, we already saw the concept in the previous roadmap .

This time around, the devs showcased some of the voice lines from the new voiceover, including a reassurance that he is a doctor . It did not sound very reassuring.

Furthermore, the team wanted to bring up Corporate Mundo the standards of modern Legendary skins, as opposed to just having a few different voice lines, which could be seen on some of the older Legendaries.

They even put together an inspiring animation that showcases the person in charge of smashing sales records where a few takeaways are worth pointing out.

First, the car animation will almost certainly be used when Mundo is under a heavy movement speed increase, such as at the beginning of the game or after a recall later on.

Second, the iconic white cellphone is still there, as you can see in one of the closeups in the video, preserving that '80s vibe.

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