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Karen Bowman will pop up in Ghost Recon Breakpoint apparently

Published: 01:01, 24 July 2021
Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Karen Bowman
Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Karen Bowman

Ghost Recon Wildlands was much better received by players than Breakpoint was and it appears Ubisoft is trying to transfer a few associations between the games.

Ghost Recon Wildlands had its share of problems but they were nowhere near the scale of those in Breakpoint . The latter ended up tarnishing Ubisoft's reputation in a manner we previously saw with AC: Unity. 

Now, it might be a stretch to straight-up assume this is the reason we are getting a familiar face from the earlier game coming in to Breakpoint but it's still highly possible Ubisoft is trying to grab the attention of some of the older fans. 

Karen Bowman was a good character in Wildlands as she filled the checklist for being a CIA spook rather well - cunning and most of the time cold, with eyes firmly on the finish line, she was the exact type of handler a lethal force like the Ghosts needed.

Breakpoint was somewhat devoid of such a character and Operation Motherland will apparently reintroduce her as the agent will cross paths with Nomad once again. 

This is not the only announcement flying around though, as Ghost Recon is celebrating 20th anniversary, which translates into events and freebies for the players. Overall, if you liked Breakpoint, this might make it better for you. 

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