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Junker Queen, Overwatch 2's new hero, gets ability details

Published: 01:36, 21 June 2022
Overwatch 2 - Junker Queen
Overwatch 2 is finally here but it's a very rocky launch for a large number of players

Blizzard has posed the details for the Junker Queen's abilities in Overwatch 2 ahead of the next beta so players can familiarise themselves before the test begins.

Junker Queen is bringing a few underused mechanics and an interesting playstyle thanks to her mix of Ana's bomb and Brigitte's ultimate while mixing up which one is the ultimate and which is a basic ability.

Her primary fire is a shotgun so it's likely to work fairly similar to that of Roadhog. The alt-fire will attack enemies with the axe, wounding all of them, which means damage will be dealt over time.

Jagged Blade, the first active ability has a passive component - it causes your quick melee to wound enemies. Activating it will throw the knife and it can be reactivated to return the weapon to Dez.

Commanding Shout will cause Junker Queen and her allies to move 30 per cent faster. Allies gain 100 extra HP while JQ gets 200. While it's not armour, this ability is fairly similar to Brigitte's ult in functionality.

Rampage, the ultimate, will cause the queen to charge forward, wounding enemies she collides with but also preventing them from healing.

Finally, there is the passive ability, Adrenaline Rush. Junker Queen will heal for all the damage she deals through inflicted wounds so if she gets into a clumped-up team, it will be pretty hard to bring her down.

Overwatch 2 will get the second beta on June 28, 2022, at which point you can play as Junker Queen or watch her if you don't have access.

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