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Johnny Cage is the latest Mortal Kombat 11 character

Published: 12:17, 27 February 2019
picture showing johnny cage from Mortal kombat 11
Johnny Cage

NetherRealm have announced a new addition in Mortal Kombat 11's fighter roster. This time it's the action movie star and series' veteran Johnny Cage. The reveal trailer shows Johnny introducing some of his classic moves and a new fatality.

NetherRealm's upcoming brutal fighter Mortal Kombat 11 is just around the corner and in the last couple of weeks, the studio have slowly started to reveal the new and returning characters which booked their place in the fighter roster.

The latest addition is also one of the most expected ones, it's the Hollywood star and one of the characters that appeared in the original Mortal Kombat game - Johnny Cage.

Johnny was revealed in IGN's trailer in which we can see some of his iconic green energy fireballs and energetic green kicks as he wipes the floor with Scorpion, Baraka and Kabal. 

Some of the moves seen in the trailer fit perfectly into his Hollywood star appearance. One of them shows Cage summoning the version of himself from the original game. The stunt-double then holds Baraka while the new Johnny deals his devastating, trademark blow.

Another interesting move includes a camera, which Johnny uses to blind his opponent by taking a picture of them. Once the flash stuns the opponent, he snatches the opportunity to unleash a chainsaw strike on poor Scorpion.

NetherRealm picture showing two characters fighting Mortal Kombat 11

Before finishing off Baraka with his new, super silly fatality, Johnny uses his oscar-like award to stab Baraka in the chest and set him up for his "Deadly Uppercut" finisher.

During the fatality, he's suddenly on a movie set where he has to shot multiple scenes in which he ultimately takes Baraka's head off which gets stuck on Johnny's fist. Apparently, the movie is directed by Ed Boon.

At the moment, there is no info about Johnny's role in the story or what kind of variations players can expect.

However, NetherRealm are hosting a detailed Johnny Cage reveal in the next which is set for today - 27 February 2019 at 1 PM PST / 10 PM CET.

You can check out the IGN's on YouTube.

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