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Ion Maiden renamed to Ion Fury after dispute with Iron Maiden

Published: 12:48, 12 July 2019
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3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

3D Realms recently found themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit with the band Iron Maiden after the latter took issue with Ion Maiden's name. As a result, the name was changed to Ion Fury and now it has an August 2019 release date.

3D Realms used a smart or not so smart play on words, depending how you look at it, when they named their game Ion Maiden to both reference the female protagonist and the heavy metal band. The reference sounded nice and everything but the band took issue with the name which resulted in a court battle.

It ended up with 3D Realms renaming their game to Ion Fury and announcing it will release on 15 August 2019. CEO of 3D Realms, Mike Nielsen, stated that they decided to rename the game in order to cut the case short because "it would be a disservice to [their] loyal fanbase and the fantastic developers, to drag out a long lawsuit", continuing that it's the gameplay, interactivity and "pure fun" that make Ion Fury a great game, not the title.

For those unacquainted, it looks a lot like Blood or old Doom series when it comes to gameplay. It should bring back the good old nostalgia for anyone who is tired of aiming down sights and yearns for the old fast-paced action iconic to the 90s and early 2000s.

When it comes to naming, it seems like 3D Realms had a harsh but inevitable lesson that many have experienced before when it comes to dealing with anything music-related. 

As previously pointed out by , Steve Jobs' decision to name his company Apple saw decades of court battles with The Beatles' record company.

3DRealms A hand holding an uzi shooting at creatures in a large yard 3DRealms: Voidpoint: Ion Fury

YouTube content creators' ongoing battle with Universal Music Group (UMG) also proves that some things never change since the latter tends to claim all ad revenue if even a tiny fraction of a song was played in the background of a background in a reaction video.

In other words, if you are a fan of a performer or a group and want to give them tribute through your creation, whatever it may be, you are better off without attempting to do so.

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