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IO Interactive are teasing a Hitman sequel that might debut at E3

Published: 14:58, 05 June 2018
Updated: 13:04, 09 November 2018
Agent 47 walking towards the camera, a tower in the background
Hitman GOTY Edition

IO Interactive have posted a cryptic tweet on the official Hitman Twitter that is more than likely a heads up before announcing the game on E3 2018. Fans are already celebrating, but some of them are worried about possible episode issues.

IO Interactive pulled a partial cliffhanger teaser about the upcoming Hitman game, that "profiles have been uploaded" and that Agent 47's "next target is...". Now pretty much no one cares who the next target is going to be, hence the partial cliffhanger remark. They didn't reveal much, but the important part is that the next Hitman teaser has been posted right before E3 2018.

WB chose to top that post soon after. They have tweeted some sort of countdown starting at 72 hours on the official Twitter of WB Games. The tweet included a link to their YouTube stream and turned out to be humanitarians on the scale of Mother Teresa when compared to Bethesda. Unlike Bethesda, WB have given clear indication when the reveal is going to happen instead of teasing fans for over 24 hours before revealing their game.

Therefore, the Hitman 2 reveal is going to happen on Thursday, 07 June 2018 at 18:00 CET or 10:00 PDT. Thank you for not wasting our time WB Games. One might argue that the two announcements are not connected, but the keeps showing people around a race car with "Hamsun" branded on it. is an oil company referenced in the Freedom Fighters episode of Hitman.

On top of it, the date on both announcements is 07 June 2018 and they were released in quick succession and with an awesome reference. The announcement on official Hitman Twitter was released exactly 47 minutes before the game as well. 

IO Interactive Hitman Blood Money picture showing Agent 47 on a rooftop, armed with a WA2000. Hitman Blood Money - Agent 47 is classy as always.

Not everyone is ecstatic about the announcement however, with some players voicing their displeasure at having to keep waiting for a Superman game and some Hitman fans are worried about having to wait between different episode releases.

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