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Why the Hunting Horn is so good in Monster Hunter: World - and how to use it

Published: 13:19, 14 February 2018
Updated: 19:46, 14 February 2018
Monster Hunter World player character looking at the sky from a pier screenshot
Monster Hunter: World

At a glance, Monster Hunter: World may seem deceptively simple, although in practice - nothing could be further from the truth. A plethora of monsters and weapons alike led many a user to come up with own builds and loadouts, but we believe that one user found a real gem. Could this be the most OP build? Let's see.

User called Gaijin Hunter posted a video on the Hunting Horn, dissecting the weapon's speed, damage and general usefulness. As you can see, the weapon packs a serious punch.

Now, Hunting Horn is a tried and true mainstay of Monster Hunter series and while its immediate, raw DPS isn't as high as some more powerful weapons in the game, its potential lies in and requires a group, some skill and much practice. Namely, the weapon lends itself well to being a support weapon, which Gaijin Hunter seems to be saying as well.

Once you've got the basic mechanics down, the Hunting Horn starts to really shine. In fact, the Horn melodies add plenty of depth to the weapon, boosting the weapon's usefulness to incredible levels, and it seems like a must when considering group play. 

Interestingly enough, a weapon popularity poll gave the Horn a B grade in multiplayer games. The Light Bowgun ended up being the most preferred weapon, i.e. the top A grade weapon, beating Dual Blades and Charge Blade in the process. 

Of course, popularity and usefulness don't really always correlate in modern games and besides, Gaijin Hunter never touts the weapon as the ultimate weapon.

What he does end up saying that the weapon is amazingly fast, faster than sword and shield in fact, has awesome reach and is a very versatile weapon, that your group members will surely learn to appreciate in time. Couple back with the fact that the Horn literally never bounces, making it one seriously useful piece of equipment. What do you think?

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