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Hunt: Showdown update introduces new mode and gunplay change

Published: 19:41, 13 December 2018
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Hunt Showdown

Crytek have released a New Hunt: Showdown update which brings a much-anticipated Quickplay game mode, new daily and weekly challenges and quality of life improvements for gunplay along with many other bug fixes and general updates.

Crytek's early access battle-royale hybrid Hunt: Showdown has received another major update. Players will get to experience a new game mode called Quickplay which streamlines the classic Hunt experience and gives solo players the chance to earn free Hunters.

Before each round players will get to pick the outfit for the Hunter which they receive for free. Also, three weapon sets are available to choose from including a random pistol, shotgun and melee weapon.

A round of Quickplay will contain up to ten players who must act quickly to absorb the energy from Wellspring pool which is depleting as the time passes. In order to do this, players will have to find and close rifts which is the same system used in classic Hunt mode.

Those who start absorbing the energy from the Wellspring pool will become marked and the main target for remaining players. In order to win, players will, of course, have to stay alive and close to the source of energy. Those who succeed will keep their Hunter and every bit of loot they've found during the match.

The biggest difference between classic Hunt experience and Quickplay mode is that there is no boss monster to banish which has been Hunt's signature feature. Zombies and weaker monsters will still roam the world though.

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Hunt: Showdown 4.0 update also brings new daily and weekly challenges which was a community-requested feature. Players will be able to earn various rewards if they complete the tasks set every day and week. If they fail to complete them before the timer runs out, all the progress will be restarted.

Additionally, Crytek also added quality of life improvements for gunplay mechanics including faster and normalised animation timings across all weapons, grenades and when aiming down the sight.

Many other improvements and bug fixes have been included in 4.0 update and you can check the patch notes on Hunt: Showdown's Steam .

Hunt: Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

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